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MAGWest and Crunchyroll Expo are excited to take place side-by-side on August 25-27 in the Santa Clara Hyatt and Convention Center. We’ll pull together some of the best in video games, music, and anime, and we want both our tribes to make friends and explore. Got a MAGWest badge? You can check out Crunchyroll Expo's exhibit hall! Got a Crunchyroll Expo badge? Head over to MAGWest's concerts!


Any fan with a MAGWest badge will be able to visit Crunchyroll Expo's exhibit hall in the Santa Clara Convention Center during the hours below. Check out over 100 booths, from anime publishers to awesome retailers.

  • Friday from 2 to 7 PM
  • Saturday from 2 to 7 PM
  • Sunday from 2 to 4 PM

If you have a Crunchyroll Expo badge, you can attend awesome concerts featuring video game music, chiptune, DJs, and nerdcore acts at MAGWest’s Main Stage all weekend long. Including amazing acts like the Super Soul Bros, Kirby’s Dream Band, and 17 other acts!

  • Show your Crunchyroll Expo badge at the Main Stage queue or door
  • Open to the first 500 fans with a Crunchyroll Expo badge for each musical event

Excited to check out some awesome music or see the latest from Crunchyroll, Funimation, Aniplex, and more? Go for it, but please understand MAGWest and Crunchyroll Expo are two different shows, and before you go an adventure into a foreign land, understand their customs.

Be sure to read both the MAGWest ( and Crunchyroll Expo ( codes of conduct and try to be a good ambassador.

MAGWest and Crunchyroll are BFFs, and we’ll both see you in Santa Clara!

The Fine Print: MAGWest attendees get access to the Crunchyroll Expo exhibit hall only, which doesn't include the Artist Alley. If you don't see the space mentioned on the page, you won't have access to it, so if you're dying to check out the Crunchyroll screenings or the MAGWest arcades, check out the at-door pricing for Crunchyroll or MAGWest.