LAN Party

Bring your own computer, hook up to our network, and play whatever you want with whoever you want! We’ll have at least 60 Bring your own computer spaces in our very first MAGWest LAN.

LFV (Looking for Volunteers)

We're always looking for new staffers and volunteers to help us run the PC Gaming areas. Got experience in commentating live games? Want to help set up the network prior to the event starting? Want to run a few tournaments? Let us know! Email us at and tell us you’d like to help out!


LAN Events will be going on all weekend! Here's our schedule:

Rules and Details

  • You must follow all LAN staff instructions.
  • Your monitor cannot be larger than 36 inches because of limited space. Please limit yourself to using only one monitor.
  • No sleeping in the LAN room. Some napping on your keyboard is tolerable, but please leave your sleeping bag in your hotel room.
  • Headphones required, no speakers allowed.
  • Please bring an CAT5e/CAT6 Ethernet cable that is at least 20 feet in length. You will be responsible for hooking up to our network, NOT US. We will have LIMITED STOCK of pre-packaged ethernet cables for sale for a non-ridiculous price in case you forget to bring one. Because we don’t have enough to go around we will no longer be providing free loaner cables.
  • Please bring a power strip for YOUR EQUIPMENT. MAGFest provides one strip for each group of four seats. You plug your power strip into this strip and only this strip. DO NOT DAISY-CHAIN MULTIPLE POWERSTRIPS.
  • Please do NOT plug in your own networking equipment such as switches and routers. It can cause problems. Trust us.
  • Please adhere to the guidelines that are in the program guide as well as the posted notices in the LAN room as far as conduct and network connections go.
  • MAGWest is NOT RESPONSIBLE and accepts NO LIABILITY for ANY attendee equipment including but not limited to computers, monitors, and mice. Please keep this in mind while attending MAGWest LAN and secure your personal belongings appropriately!