Nerdcore from the Northwest

Shubzilla and Death*Star (Bill Beats and C0splay) come down from the wooded Northwest to celebrate the very first MagWest. These natives of the Microsoft Mecca, these children of the realm of Wizards of the Coast, will bring their brand of narrative driven and perspective poised nerdcore hip hop to the attendees this August.

Shubzilla is a founder of Geek Girl Con, an active participant of the Nerdy People of Color (NPC) Collective, a traveled performer, a dancer, a Tamriel romancer, and a woman with a fire so hat it burns into the memory of any in earshot of her vicious, honest, booming bars.

C0splay is one of two MCs in Death*Star. A panel speaker, convention performing (read: addict), podcast producing poet he prefer's the foolish and the absurd to the serious. With songs about solitude, sandwiches, and sexual misadventures, this giant jester is genuinely jazzed to join his friends on stage.

Bill Beats is the production and director base of Nerdcore in the Northwest. Guiding multiple MCs, producing beats, spinning turntables, mastering and mixing albums, on crushing online hip hop competition is what this composer does before breakfast. Head of Noir Grime, he shake the stage with his vibranium bass.