We've got eyes and ears, so why not use both!? Check out these rad visualists!

Bridging the gap between analog and digital art since 2014, VISMANCIENNE wields an arsenal of obsolete, circuit-bent hardware to curate a cerebral visual experience through glitch media and found art.

Tim Abad

Master of Chip Glitch and Rewiring the definition of Arts, Tim Abad brings some of the best psychedelic visuals to any show he performs at. Like a digital Analog Paintbrush, Abad both Enhances and Hypnotizes the crowd as an extension to whatever musical act he is performing with.


Hekkate, hailing from the deep seas of the 4th dimension into the reality our apocalyptic current time and space, brings visual transmutations of light, color, and figures reminiscent of half-remembered dreams and glimpsed futures. Glitch, static, and color weaved together to melt the walls of the r...


Based in San Francisco, visualist Noukon infiltrates your eye sockets with nostalgic malfunctions, tenebrous obscurities, and synthetic nebuli built into a rhythmic, layered textile of light, darkness, and 8-bit teletubby entrails.