Frequently Asked Questions

Where/When is MAGWest?

August 25-27 2017, at the Hyatt Regency in Santa Clara, CA.

Will MAGWest be selling one-day badges this year?

We will be selling one-day badges for the following prices:

Friday: $45
Saturday: $50
Sunday: $25

One day badges run from 12:00 AM to the next day at 6:00 AM, so 12:00 AM Saturday to 6:00 AM Sunday. Please note: You will not able to pick up your badge before the start time for the day of the badge.

I am no longer able to attend MAGFest. Can I get a refund?

No. MAGWest has a no-refund policy for all registrations. If for any reason you can't make it, we allow and encourage you resell your registration for the no more than the exact price you paid for it.

How do I sell or transfer my badge?

To transfer your registration to another person, open your confirmation email and send them the personalized link referenced in the last paragraph. Please note: You may resell your registration for the no more than the exact price you paid for it.

Warning: If you purchased an upgrade tier with your badge, that will also be transferred when your badge is transferred.

I am unable to find my preregistration email. Can it be resent?

Please visit our registration confirmation page and enter the email you registered with to check if you are preregistered. If you do not receive a confirmation email, contact us at

I can only purchase the initial badge at this time. Will I be able to add an upgrade at a later date?

Sure! If you look at your registration confirmation email you will be find a personalized link that will allow you to edit your details and make any tier upgrades. Please note, you'll have to pay for any upgrades when you select them.

How much are badges for children? Do they need to be registered?

Each attendee, including children, at MAGWest will need to be registered and have a badge.

Do I have to stay with my child?

All children 12 and under will need to be accompanied by an adult with a paid badge. Children having their 13th birthday during fest may upgrade their badge so they no longer need to be accompanied but will need to pay the difference between the reduced badge and current badge price.

Does MAGWest offer a group discount?

For MAGWest, we do not currently offer group discounts.

Will my badges and kick in items be mailed to me prior to the fest?

Badges and kick in items are not mailed out before the event. Your badge will be available for pickup at the Registration desk when you arrive at MAGWest and your kick in items will be available for pickup at the Merchandise area.

When can I pick up/purchase a badge at the festival? What are the hours for Registration?

Registration opens each morning, starting on Friday, at 9:30 AM and will close each night at 1:00 AM (and 3:00 PM on Sunday.) Your badge may be picked up or purchased at Registration at any time we are open.

Badges can be picked up overnight at Security. If you have not purchased a badge, please purchase it online before heading to Security.

I require special assistance / have a medical reason that prevents me from waiting in line for my badge. Will this be accommodated?

Yes! Just let one of the line wranglers or security people know and they will escort you to the VIP line.

I bought more than one badge in my name. Will this present a problem when picking up my badges?

Yes. MAGWest has a one badge per person policy so you will only be able to pick up one badge for yourself. If you are buying a badge for another individual, we ask that you put that individual's information into the registration form. This will allow a faster pickup process in the preregistration line, as otherwise we will have to reassign your extra badges before they can be handed out. You may also use the personalized link in your MAGWest payment received email to change the name on the badge.

If you are buying the badge as a surprise, we still ask that you use the individual's information when purchasing the badge, but make sure to use your email address so they don't get the confirmation email.

What do I need to bring to pick up my badge?

Anyone picking up a badge needs a government issued photo ID that matches the name of the badge being picked up and your date of birth. Please ensure that you use your legal name as shown on your ID when you preregister for your badge. If you used another name, email or use the personalized link in your confirmation email to transfer your badge to your corrected name.

On rare occasions we will accept a photo ID without a date of birth such as a high school or college ID. Please note, we do reserve the right to refuse these IDs.

What if I do not have a photo ID? Can I still pick up my badge?

We understand that people under 18 often do not have an official photo ID, but please notify us ahead of time at to make arrangements – this makes it much easier for us to accommodate you. If you do not make arrangements with us beforehand and do not have a photo ID, we will do our best but cannot guarantee that you will be able to pick up your badge.

Can I pick up a badge for another individual?

NO. Each badge must be picked up by the specific individual whose name the badge is under and they must have a government issued photo ID to claim it. You may not bring their photo ID to pick up the badge. Legal guardians may hold the badge for their child, but we ask that the child be present when the badge is received.

Will the legal name that I used when purchasing my registration be printed on my badge?

We understand that some would prefer their name not be printed on their badge. Not to fear, names are not printed on badges. When you receive your badge you'll have the opportunity to write whatever you'd like on it.

I lost my badge. What do I do?

Unfortunately, you will need to buy a new badge at the current price. If you find your initial badge later, bring both to Registration and we will note that you need a refund for your second badge. Please note, we will make every effort to process your refunds at the event, but please allow us two weeks after the event to process your refund. If you have not received your refund at that time please email with your details.

I purchased the Supporter package, why am I getting an Attendee badge?

All individuals that purchase a supporter package will also be given an attendee badge. While supporters will still receive a personalized swag item, supporter badges no longer exist. This prevents issues where some Supporters were given two valid badges upon registration, which is against MAGWest policy.

All supporter swag can be picked up at our Merchandise booth after you pick up your badge.

Will MAGWest be having a Marketplace?

Not this year.

Where can I find maps and schedules?

Coming soon! Use the Guidebook app or the website to view all scheduled activities during the weekend, and also view event maps.

What is MAGWest's Code of Conduct?

MAGWest's code of conduct can be found at

Can I vape/use my e-cigarette in the Hotel?

No. Vaping and use of e-cigs inside is against hotel policy. We have heard every reason why this shouldn't be so, but it is still against hotel policy. Don't do it.

I no longer need my hotel reservation, what should I do with it?

If your room is in a MAGWest room block, please call the hotel to cancel your reservation. The sale of the right to a reservation is not permitted.

I filled out the volunteer form, but haven't heard anything yet.

Blame Dare. We've got our department heads looking through the list each week. If you need to share your cool idea call me at 408-758-0587

Less frequently, but still important, questions that need answering

What does D.A.R.E stand for?

Daniel Alexander Ross Evans - hello.

What does Daniel Alexander Ross Evans stand for?

Chaos. Madness. Keeping those things gated. - Dare did not approve this message

What does MAGWest stand for?

MAGWest can't really stand for anything. Now MAGFWest, that stands for Music and Gaming Festival West.

This sounds really boss but I have another question / think you guys are full of it / just wet my pants / need to go eat lunch / my mom needs to make a phone call now.

We like videogames.